Our charges

All charges are stated before VAT when applicable.


Combined tax and accounting service

Our combined service is suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses in France. The following services are included:

  • Registration of your business for French tax and VAT;
  • Quarterly bookkeeping and accounting;
  • Preparation of VAT returns and income tax payments on account;
  • Standard tax advice.

Our charges start at 120 Euros per month for small start-up businesses.

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VAT returns for businesses

Our charge for the preparation and filing of French VAT returns, on the basis that you send us your accounting data in spreadsheet format, is 105-130 Euros per return.

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Registration of EU-based companies for French VAT

French VAT registration is effected via the department of the Tax Office that deals with foreign companies, la Service des Impôts des Entreprises Etrangêres.

We provide this service for EU-based companies. Our charge for the preparation and preparation of the request for your VAT registration in France, and communication with the Tax Office to provide any further information that they request, is 265 Euros.

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Individual income tax returns- residents and non-residents

Our charges for the preparation and filing of annual income tax returns, before VAT, are:

Non-residents with income from French property:

  • 105-170 Euros depending on whether the property is rented furnished or unfurnished (Married joint holders of property are included on the same return).


  • 205 Euros for a single person;
  • 260 Euros for a joint/ family declaration.

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Tax consultancy

Our advice is in the form of a written consultation, sent by e-mail.

All work is quoted in advance and our charges include any follow-up questions or requests for clarification that you may have.

Our current charges are 115 Euros per hour of work

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