French VAT

All charges are stated before VAT when applicable.


VAT registration in France

We offer a comprehensive French VAT registration service for EU companies. The following services are included:

  • Application for the registration of your company for French VAT and the Intracommunity VAT register (VIES);
  • Communication with the French Tax Office to supply any further necessary information required to approve the application;
  • Applying for the online filing code which is necessary to file your future VAT returns online.

Our current charge is 265 Euros.

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Bureaucratic procedures for VAT registration in France

French VAT registration of EU companies, and the filing of the subsequent periodic VAT returns, is effected via the special department of the Tax Office that deals with foreign companies (Service des Impôts des Entreprises Etrangères).

The initial application must be made by post and subsequent communication with the Tax Office is by e-mail. Processing times can vary between 1 and 4 months depending on the current workload of the Tax Office.

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Filing requirements for VAT returns in France

The frequency of returns depends on your company´s expected income in France. Quarterly filing is allowed when your annual VAT payable does not exceed 4,000 Euros, otherwise it will be necessary to file monthly.

It is compulsary to file all VAT returns online through the Tax Office website .

We provide a service to prepare and file online your VAT returns. Our current charge is between 105 and 130 Euros per return.

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