VAT registration


VAT registration for non-resident companies

Foreign companies which wish to supply goods or services in Spain which are subject to VAT, are required to register their company for VAT in Spain.

This involves registering the company with the Spanish Tax Office, and obtaining a non- residents tax code (NIE/ NIF).


Documentation required

It is necessary to supply the following documents:

  • A certificate produced by the Company Registry in the country where your company was incorporated. This document should state the registered address of the company, and a list of directors;
  • A Power of Attorney, draft to be provided by us. This allows us to obtain the Spanish tax code on your behalf;
  • A Fiscal Representation document, draft to be provided by us. This nominates your tax representatives in Spain, who can be ourselves or another accountants of your choice.

All documents should be legalised in your country (with the Hague Apostille) and translated to Spanish. We can provide a sworn Spanish translation service at this end at reasonable rates. We offer this service for several source languages including English and French.


Our charges

Our charge for the VAT registration of your company is 500 Euros.

This includes the following:

  • Drawing up the draft Power of Attorney and Fiscal Representation documents;
  • Obtaining a Spanish tax/VAT number (NIF) for your company at the Tax Office in Barcelona;
  • Registering your company’s business activity with the Tax Office (Form 036).

Please contact us for further details.

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