Company formation

Company formation in Spain

We provide a complete company formation service for Spanish residents as well as investors from abroad. Incorporating a company in Spain is a more complex and bureaucratic process than in many other European countries, and our attentive and friendly service will ensure that your formation is as stress-free as possible.

After formation we can offer your company the full range of Spanish tax and accounting services.

Frequently asked questions

Company formation package

€ 900 + VAT

  • Reservation of your company name;
  • Preparation of your company articles;
  • Notary fees;
  • Company Registry Fees;
  • Obtaining a fiscal code (CIF) for your company;
  • Registering your company's business activities for tax;

Payment terms

  • €300 deposit on go-ahead;
  • Balance payable before Notary signing.

Paperwork required for company incorporation in Spain

The following documents are required and we will obtain them for you as part of our service.

  • Company name certificate - certificado de denominacion social;
  • Bank certificate of deposit of share capital - certificado de ingreso;
  • Company articles - estatutos sociales;
  • Company tax number - CIF;
  • Tax registration form for company activities- Modelo 036.

Forming a Spanish subsidiary of a foreign company- extra documents required

  • Certificate of Good Standing from the Company Registry in the country where your company was incorporated.

  • All documents must be legalised with the Hague Apostille.

  • Click here for further details.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) ?

A Sociedad Limitada (or Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) is a Spanish limited company with a minimum share capital of 3,000 Euros.

This type of company is recommended if you wish to start a small- or medium-sized business in Spain.

How long does the full company formation process take ?

You should allow for around ten working days from the point when your bank emits the Certificate of Deposit of the opening share capital until the obtaining of your tax code (CIF) which will allow you to commence trading. The main variable in the process is the Notary´s signing and the time taken to reserve an appointment will depend on the availability of the Notary in the town in which you wish to sign.

Prices and services included.

All the Spanish procedures necessary for company formation are included in our charge, namely:

  • Obtaining a certificate from the Mercantile Registry confirming that the company name you desire is available;
  • Preparation of the the company Articles;
  • Organising a Notary's appointment and paying the Notary's fees;
  • Obtaining a tax code (CIF) for the company;
  • Deposit of Articles in the Mercantile Registry and payment of Registry fees;
  • Obtaining an employers´ Social Security number for your company;
  • Registering your company's business activities for tax and VAT (form 036).

Our current charge for company formation with resident individual shareholders is 900 Euros plus VAT.

Opening the company bank account.

In Spain is necessary to open an "in constitution" bank account before the formation can take place. The client must deposit the share capital and the bank will emit a Certificate of Deposit.

We are happy to communicate with the client's Spanish bank to ensure that the opening process is as smooth and rapid as possible.

What do I need to do to commence the company formation process ?

The first step is to reserve your company name. Please contact us stating five alternative company names, starting with your first choice. For example:

Yourname Enterprises, S.L.
Yourname Enterprises Spain, S.L.
Yourname Enterprises 2020, S.L.
Yourname Communications, S.L.
Yourname Communications Spain, S.L.

Where will the Notary's signing take place ?

We can arrange for signing at a Notary in any part of mainland Spain or the islands.

When is payment due for the company formation ?

Payment is as follows:

  • 300 Euros on go-ahead;
  • The balance on or before the date of the Notary's signing.

How many shareholders must a Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) have ?

Any number of shareholders is possible. They may be either individuals or corporate entities.

What are the special obligations for a single shareholder company ?

A company with a sole shareholder is called a “Sociedad Unipersonal”. The obligations of this type of company are:

  • Inscription in the Mercantile Registry under this heading (included in our charges);
  • The nature of the company should be stated on all company correspondence;
  • The Mercantile Registry should be notified annually of all business transactions that take place between the company and the shareholder.

Who has the power of representation of Spanish companies?

This power of representation is with the company administrator(s). These are named when the company formation takes place.

The administration of the company can be in the form of:

  • Sole administrator- administrador unico;
  • More than one administrator- administradores solidarios, where any administrator can represent the company independently;
  • Joint administrators- administradores mancomunados, joint signature is required for the purposes of company representation.

What documents should the shareholders and administrator hold?

The company administrator and shareholders should be in possession of a Spanish ID number (NIE). The Notary's signing can take place while you are waiting to receive your NIE, however it is necessary to obtain the company tax code (CIF).

A NIE number can be obtained in the following ways:

  • From Spanish Consulates or Embassies abroad. This is generally a slow process as the documentation still needs to be sent to Spain for approval before the NIE is granted;
  • At the Policia Local / Extranjeria offices in every town and city in Spain. Please let us know your location and we will advise you of the nearest office.

Registered office requirements

It is a legal requirement for your company to have a registered address in Spain. If you do not have a physical presence in Spain then it is acceptable to use the services of a business centre/ virtual office address for this purpose.

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