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Combined Tax and Accounting Service

Our combined service is suitable for small- and medium- sized limited companies in Spain. The following services are included:

  • Registration of your business at the Tax Office.
  • Quarterly accounting.
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly and annual IVA, tax and Mercantile registry declarations.
  • Standard tax advice.

Our charges start at 120 Euros + VAT per month

Further details on our combined service for small- and medium-sized companies.


Services for the self-employed - autónomos

We offer a full range of tax services for the self-employed in Spain, autónomos.

Further details on autonomo registration.


Registration for tax

Individuals who move to Spain, once they have obtained their NIE, are required to register for tax in Spain, for which it is necessary to register at the local Tax Office or online.

Our charge for this is 32 Euros + VAT in cases where it is possible to register online, or approximately 160 Euros + VAT if you would like us to present them at your local Tax Office on your behalf.


Registration for Social Security - individuals

Whether you are a sole trader, or majority shareholder in a Spanish company, you are obliged to register for autónomo Social Security. As of 2023, the monthly contribution is no longer fixed regardless of earnings. There is a fixed rate (tarifa plana) for the first 12 months which is 80 Euros per month.

Our current charge to register you online for autónomo tax and Social Security is 183 Euros + VAT.


Payroll services

We now offer a complete payroll service which includes the following:

Registration of the client for employers´ Social Security;

Processing of the monthly Social Security and quarterly income tax payments;

Processing of particular situations such as maternity pay/ sick leave;

Addition of new employees and deregistration of leavers.

Our current charge starts at 30 Euros + VAT per employee per month.

Please contact us for further details.


Residents income tax returns

Residents in Spain are obliged to submit annual tax returns. The presentation deadline is 30th June following the end of each tax year.

Our standard charge for the preparation of these returns is as follows. Fee reductions may apply in cases where the client's tax situation is straightforward and there are limited sources of income to declare.

  • 195 Euros + VAT for a single declaration.
  • 263 Euros + VAT for a joint married/ family declaration.


Non-residents income tax returns

Non-residents with Spanish property are obliged to submit annual tax returns. The presentation deadline is 31st December following the end of each tax year.

Our charge for the presentation of these returns and online payment of the tax due is:

75 Euros + VAT per person. Reduced charge of 95 Euros + VAT for property that is jointly owned by a couple (married or partners).

Further details on the taxation of non-residents in Spain.


Tax consultancy

Our tax advice is in the form of a written consultation.

All work is quoted in advance and our charges include any follow-up questions or requests for clarification that you may have.

Our current charge is 115 Euros + VAT per hour of work.

Please contact us for further details.


Registering a foreign company for tax / VAT in Spain

Our fee to register a foreign company for tax and VAT in Spain is 350 Euros + VAT.

Further information on the registration procedure and documentation required.


Company Formation

We offer solutions to clients who are considering incorporation of a Spanish limited company, whether you are resident or non-resident individuals or companies.

Further information for resident and non-resident individuals

Further information for non-resident companies

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