What is the Valor Catastral of my Spanish property?

This article covers:

  1. What is the valor catastral of my Spanish property? and what is used for?
  2. Where can I find the valor catastral figure?
  3. What if I don’t have the valor catastral of my property?
1. What is the valor catastral of my Spanish property? and what is it used for?

The valor catastral is the rateable value of your Spanish property. This is not linked to the market value or purchase cost of your Spanish property.

For non-resident property owners, it is used to calculate the “imaginary” rental income that you have on the property, and therefore used to calculate the deemed annual income tax due.

The taxable amount is, in general, 1.1% of the rateable value of your property.

2. Where can I find the valor catastral figure?

You can find your valor catastral on your latest rates bill or receipt (IBI), it will usually be displayed as a figure next to:

  • valor catastral
  • VC
  • V.CAT
  • V

For recently purchased properties, the lawyer/ agency who dealt with the sale may also be able to provide you with this information.

3. What if I cannot find the valor catastral of my property? / I don’t have a valor catastral yet

If you do not have your latest rates bill, you could try contacting your local Town Hall to obtain your valor catastral.

In the cases where our clients are unable to obtain the valor catastral, or their property is newly built and the value catastral has not yet been determined, we would use 50% of the purchase price, as stipulated by law, to calculate your tax due.

Need help with filing your non-resident income tax returns?

We have a basic tax guide for non-resident Spanish property owners that you may find useful.

If you would like us to file your tax returns on your behalf, our current charges, before 20% VAT, for each return (quarterly or annual) are as follows:

Single property owner 75 Euros
Reduced rate for joint ownership 95 Euros

This includes:

  • Drawing up your draft tax calculation and submitting to you for approval.
  • Online submission of the return and order for the payment of the tax due directly from your Spanish bank account.

Please note that the reduced rate for joint ownership is for those who are married in which both spouses are non-residents. Otherwise, you will be charged to file two separate single tax returns.

Please do not hesitate contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance, we will be happy to assist.