Renta 2020: Coronavirus

We hope that all is well with you, and that you and your family are keeping well through these very difficult times.

The fiscal measures introduced by the Spanish government to help its population cope with COVID-19 are certainly not as helpful as they could be.

The timetable for presenting the Renta in 2020 (for the tax year 2019) and paying any tax due are unchanged from previous years. The Agencia Tributaria advise that the online filing system for the Renta will open on 1st April and the filing deadline is 30th June (or 25th June where tax is payable).

Those of you who filed your Renta last year saw the chaos created by the introduction of a new online filing registration system which meant that many foreign residents needed to go to the Tax Office to obtain a Digital Certificate. For those of you that obtained a Digital Certificate (which has a validity of 4 years), you should still be able to use this to obtain your online filing reference number for this year’s Renta. 

If you do not yet have a Digital Certificate then you may still be able to register for online filing this year with your current documentation such as Tarjeta de Residencia/ Tarjeta Ciudadano EU.  Last year the Tax Office system did not accept this is many cases, and it was necessary to obtain a Digital Certificate. For this, it would be necessary to physically visit an office of the Agencia Tributaria system, and all offices remain closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

As always, you can find further information and professional assistance on our website.