Deadlines for the 2017 annual French tax returns- Declaration d´Impôts sur les Revenus

The 2017 deadlines have just been released:

Online filing- system open 12th April


Départments 01-19: 23rd May

Départments 20-49: 30th May

Départments 50-:       6th June

Non-residents:           6th June

Manual returns 17th May.

As always, the time period between the release of the manual returns in early May (which if the same as previous years will be in uneditable PDF format) and the filing deadline is ridiculously small. One can understand why the Tax Office wishes to discourage taxpayers from manual filing by making the process more difficult, however for first-time declarers there is no other option !For further information on our filing services for these tax returns, please visit our website.

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