COVID-19: Tax return deadline updates

We hope that all is well with you and you and your family are staying safe and sane through these difficult times !

The new return filing dates and deadlines, which have been put back this year because of the Coronavirus crisis, are as follows:


Manual returns: 12th June.

Returns filed by internet: 4th June.


For manual returns, the deadline is 12th June.

For returns filed by internet:

4th June: Départements 01 to 19;

8th June: Départements 20 to 54;

11th June: Départements 55 to 974.

Returns can be submitted from the following dates:

Online filing: 20th April.

Manual filing: Historically the manual forms have been released in the first week of May. We will update this blog when we have further information for this year.

For further details and professional assistance, please visit our website.