Amplification of our services and reduction of costs to our clients. Part 1: Company formation in Spain

Spain Accountants has some good news to share with you ! We have recently registered as an online service provider for small business clients (PAE = Punto de Atención al Emprendedor).

This means that we are now able to offer certain services online, i.e. without the need to use a local gestoria to physically go into the relevant government office to complete the client´s procedures. This means that we can reduce the cost to our clients which is always going to be welcome !

The government system for this is called CIRCE (Centro de Información y Red de Creación de Empresas) and we will use it for the following:

Company formation

Under the CIRCE system, formation of a new limited company (Sociedad Limitada) in Spain has been made simpler and less expensive.  Procedures such as physically having to go into the Tax Office to pay Stamp Duty and converting the provisional tax number (CIF) to a final tax number are not necessary under this online system. It is also no longer necessary to physically present the notarised company articles at the Mercantile Registry, as these are sent online via the CIRCE system.

In addition, the newly formed company is automatically assigned an employer´s Social Security number as part of the process.

This cuts down both the timescale and cost to the client.

There are two important “manual” parts to the company formation procedure which remain unchanged:

  1. The client is still required to go into their Spanish bank to open the company bank account.
  2. The client is still required to attend a Notary signing in Spain to sign the constitution of the company.

If you would like any help with forming your new Spanish company then we will be happy to assist ! You will find further details and FAQ´s on our company formation service on our website .