Amazon Sellers: Activating your Spanish VAT number as an intra-community operator

You may have received this notification to get your Spanish VAT number registered on the VIES by Amazon:

“Your Amazon seller account contains a local VAT registration number(s) that is not validated or listed in the VAT Information Exchange System of the EU commission ([VIES]).”

Although you have already registered for a Spanish VAT number, Amazon may require your VAT number to be validated on the VIES (VAT Information Exchange system) in order for your Amazon account to have full functionality.

All non-activated intra-community VAT registration numbers will fail Amazon’s validation check.

How do I validate my Spanish VAT number?

This is a separate registration process and you will need to submit a Modelo 036 application online. This form can be submitted by those who have a digital certificate issued by the Spanish Tax Office.

Unfortunately approval times may be very slow and we are experiencing six months or more for processing.

Need our assistance?

We can help you submit the Modelo 036 form to register your business on the VIES. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.