2022 Declaration des Revenus for the tax year 2021

The annual tax filing system for the French income tax returns (Declaration des Revenus) is due to open on 7th April.

Both residents of France, and non-residents with French income such as from property rental, are obliged to submit an annual income tax return.

The French tax year is equal to the calendar year. The presentation deadlines this year are as follows:


Manual returns: 19th May

Returns filed by internet: 24th May

For furnished properties: The full disclosure tax regime (Regime Réel) is generally favourable and economically viable to register if you have significant rental income, and your rental expenditure is more than 75% of your rental income. Registration for this regime is not simple or straightforward- processing times by the Tax Office are currently around 3 months or more. Also unfortunately it is quite common that online filing passwords sent to the taxpayer by the Tax Office do not arrive, which causes complications.

For the more simplified Micro Regime, in order to benefit from the increased tax allowance available, yourfurnished property should be registered as a tourist rental (Meublée de Tourisme) at the local Town Hall (Mairie).

For assistance with preparing and filing your annual French tax declaration, please visit our website or contact us.


For manual returns, the deadline is 19th May.

For returns filed by internet;

24th May: Départements 01 to 19;

31st May: Départements 20 to 54; 8th June: Départements 55 to 976.

Returns can be submitted from the following dates:

Online filing: 7th April

Manual filing: The manual returns are normally released by the first week of May.

After we file your Tax Return, the Tax Office will calculate the tax due and send you a payment notice, avis d’imposition. The date of issue is by late September.

In France there are monthly payments on account of income tax which are based on the income tax bill in the previous year. Any balance of tax due is paid in August / September in your final tax assessment, and this will also be debited directly to your French bank account.

Wealth Tax (Impôt de solidarité sur la fortune)

Residents of France are subject to Wealth Tax on their worldwide net assets, although there are now exemptions available for the first five years of residence, please contact us for details.

Non-residents only pay Wealth Tax on their French net assets.

Eligible assets include property; cash in deposit accounts and other financial investments. Business assets are generally exempt.

You need to declare if the net value of your owned real estate is over € 1,300,000. The deadlines are the same as for the income tax returns.

Wealth Tax is now declared as part of the income tax declaration (2042C).

Renta 2021- the time has almost arrived !

The Spanish Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria) online filing system for the annual residents’ income tax returns (Renta) for the tax year 2021 is due to open on 6th April.

In order to file, you need to obtain a reference number for online filing, which can be done by clicking on this link on the Agencia Tributaria website. You can access this with a Digital Certificate if you have one or by supplying the details on your residence card.

Last year we found with several clients that the system, due to programming errors, was not recognising details from their residence cards. If this is the case for you please let us know and we will suggest ways for you to resolve the situation such as giving you instructions to obtain a Digital Certificate.

Residents of Spain are taxable on their worldwide income, according to the provisions of the tax treaty between Spain and the country in which the income arises. If any of your income is taxable in both Spain and the country of source, then you can claim the corresponding international double tax credit in your Renta.

As Agencia Tributaria inspections, especially for foreign residents, are getting more common nowadays, you should ensure that you keep documental proof of foreign income and foreign tax paid for 5 years.

The very last possible date of filing is 30th June, but if you have tax due then you should file your Renta by 23rd June so you can pay the tax by direct debit and not have to go in person to your bank.

If you need help in preparing and filing your Renta for the tax year 2021 then we will be happy to assist you. Our website is europeaccountants.com/spain and our contact page here.