2015-16 French tax returns- the Tax Office has released the filing dates.

The Tax Office has just release the filing deadlines for the income tax returns for the tax year 2015 (Déclaration des Revenus), as follows. For further details on our services for the preparation and filing of the returns, please visit our website .

The online filing service will open on 13th April. The online filing deadlines are a little tighter this year and are as follows:

Non-residents:   7th June 2016


Départments 01-19:  24th May 2016

Départments 20-49:  31st May 2016

Départments 50-974: 7th June 2016

The filing deadline for the manual returns for residents and non-residents is 18th May 2016, which as in previous years does not allow much time for preparation, given that the forms are not released until late April/ early May!  We would therefore urge all new clients who are filing their first tax return in France, and therefore need to file manually, to contact us as soon as possible so we can schedule the preparation of your returns in time.

For further information and assistance, please visit our website.

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